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Blue and burgundy horse galloping. (thumbnail) Blue and burgundy horse galloping. (thumbnail) Made for Movement (thumbnail) Sam.  (thumbnail) Profiled. (thumbnail) Setting Souls on Fire (thumbnail) Left. Of Center.  (thumbnail) Okey Dokey (thumbnail) Manely Hair.  (thumbnail) Prancer (thumbnail) Okey in the Red (thumbnail) Too much bluegrass (thumbnail) Derby Dreaming (thumbnail) Full Moon (thumbnail) Miss Rachel Alexandra (thumbnail) Behind It All (thumbnail) Mocha Java (thumbnail) Leg. Up.  (thumbnail) Fury (thumbnail) Yee-Haw (thumbnail) Road Hard (thumbnail) Equal Equine (thumbnail) High Stepping (thumbnail) Double Mocha Java (thumbnail) WHOA! (thumbnail) Piece by Peace. (thumbnail) Heads. Up. (thumbnail) A horse of course (thumbnail) EXhale (thumbnail)
Double Mocha Java (large view)
Double Mocha Java
Fabulous 3-D molded acylic canvas equine - Glorious texture as nature intended.
24" H x 36" W