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Rhyder (thumbnail) Baxter (thumbnail) Back. Scratch.  (thumbnail) Sesame  (thumbnail) Bailey and Laker. (thumbnail) Miss Lily.  (thumbnail) Chewy. (thumbnail) Zazu-Blue (thumbnail) Utah  (thumbnail) Queen Corgi (thumbnail) Burger King (thumbnail) Austin (thumbnail) Heshey Boy (thumbnail) Zazu (thumbnail) Cody (thumbnail) Zoey. (thumbnail) Walk (thumbnail) Miss Maya (thumbnail) Maximo (thumbnail) Boris (thumbnail) Vinny  (thumbnail) Rudy-dog.  (thumbnail) LOVE (thumbnail) d.aaawg (thumbnail) Rest.Full (thumbnail) Sexy Dog (thumbnail) Potsie! (thumbnail) Loving Summer (thumbnail) Focus (thumbnail) Scott.Tea (thumbnail) BE.GULL (thumbnail) Sleep. y.  (thumbnail) Big Red (thumbnail) Za. Zu.  (thumbnail) Lunac-Tic (thumbnail) Food (thumbnail) Rebecca Wall #1 (thumbnail) Libby. (thumbnail) Know-ing (thumbnail) GUS (thumbnail) #102 (thumbnail) Tip Toe (thumbnail) Poignant. Lee. (thumbnail) Frisbee (thumbnail) Huh? (thumbnail) Placid Perspective (thumbnail) Rebecca Wall #2 (thumbnail) He Sees Me (thumbnail) WOOF! (thumbnail) Huh? (thumbnail) German Chocolate  (thumbnail) L-O-L-A, Lola! (thumbnail) Lily (thumbnail) Henry (thumbnail) Moxie (thumbnail) Nose. y.  (thumbnail) Tongues A Waggin' (thumbnail) Stop & Smell the Flowers (thumbnail) dog thoughts (thumbnail) Welcome Waggin' (thumbnail) Diggity dog (thumbnail) USMC (thumbnail) Caffeinated Canine (thumbnail) Ghost Dog (thumbnail) Maya and Sophie (thumbnail) Close Up (thumbnail) Princess Lola (thumbnail) Charlie 2 (thumbnail) Charlie (thumbnail) Dog-Eared (thumbnail) Long-Night (thumbnail) Sleepy (thumbnail)
Placid Perspective (large view)
Placid Perspective
Acylic Ink on Canvas
24" H x 24" W