One of a kind, custom pet portraits painted from photos. Painted with only a glass eye dopper, no brushes are used. A technique I stumbled upon when brushes were not working for me. 


Here's how it works:

1. Email me photos of your pet as many as you'd like. The best ones to work from are in focus with the animal looking at you. The expression in the face and the eyes hold so much personality and brings the painting to life. Let me know what size canvas you'd like to order. I don't ask for any more till it's completed, you have approved of it and and it's being shipped so you have time to save up if you want a larger more expensive piece. You can also break up the cost into 3 payments to make it more manageable. 


2. I can let you know which photo will work best on the size canvas you choose. 


3. I'll ask you if you want the painting true to the animals coloring or if you want it to be bold and colorful. 


4. Once we pick the photo you like I'll pencil it in on canvas and send you that before I start adding color. Then I'll send you a photo when I'm finished for you to review. This is where you can make any small changes you'd like. I am not done working on it until you are happy with it. 


5. When you are happy with it, I take it to be professionally photographed for my portfolio and for possible future prints or to have your art image on greeting cards, shower curtains and fleece blankets. is where you can see other art images and get an idea of the products available. 


6. I will send you a FEDEX link when it's wrapped up and ready to ship. Then I will email you and invoice for the art and the shipping. Payment can be via paypal or a check or cash. This info. will be on the invoice. 


You can call, text or email any time with any questions you might have.  508-560-9164. I understand this is can be a confusing process as well as an investment of emotion and finances. We want to get it right. ❤️  508-560-9164

8x10: $150

10x10: $250

9x12: $325

11x14: $450

18x24: $1200

20x24: $1400

22x28: $1700

30x30: $2700

24x36: $2500

30x40: $3600

36x48: $5100

48x60: $8600

60x72: $12950



SKU: 364215376135191

    Custom art is painted on 1 1/2" thick canvas on stretcher bars. This is a beautiful platform to frame or to hang without a frame and each painting comes fully wired ready to hang. I use FW acrylic ink which is a beautifully intense liquid. It's got the fluidity of a water color and the vibrancy of an acrylic paint. I paint without brushes, instead I use the glass eye dropper from a jar of ink. This makes the ink harder to control in some ways but allows the ink to move and have a life of it's own which is what gives the artwork such spark! I invented this technique by accident when some ink spilled and I went to pick it up with the dropper. Life is sweet like that. 


    We offer a 3 week return policy. Please mail back your product to PO Box 837 Oak Bluffs MA 02557. Once we receive it in new condition we will contact you with refund information. If you recive the product damaged in any way, please let us know that as well so we can speak with our carrier. Thank you. 


    I ship artwork FEDEX and will be in touch with you to get you a price for shipping and a tracking #. With individual art pieces it varies depending on size and destination. Average prices are $15-45. Thank you! 



P. O. Box 837
Oak Bluffs, MA, 02557

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