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Kasha Ritter

The Story: Yes it's true, I paint without a paintbrush. I use a glass eye dropper to move acrylic ink across canvas. The fluidity of the ink and the glass eye dropper propelling it, vs. a brush which limits it, creates a vibrant energy that captures the essence of what I am painting. Chemistry? Magic? Not sure but I LOVE WHAT I DO.

Back story: 

My grandmother, Nanny, who made me sit down and draw. For her, art was a way to focus my curious energy. I owe her so much. I owe her this life I get to live. I am eternally grateful she sensed this in me.

My technique is acrylic ink on canvas. I actually paint without using a paint brush. I use a glass eyedropper and a water color pencil. This technique came about from my cat, Lola, who walked across a perfectly wet work of art and transformed my life. 

I have a deep love with being allowed to make a massive mess wherever I wander in working. Watching ink overflow is a joy to witness as it come to life. It goes against what we are taught, to stop things from getting messy. I want to steer into the storm. I want to see what happens when I do.

All the art is made on Martha's Vineyard. I paint on the beach when I can. Otherwise I work in my unfinished studio attic that has a view of the ocean. 

I started painting pet portraits when my dog Zazu looked at me like no one else ever has. I owe this life to her as well. Funny how I owe a lot of what I do to the kind souls in my past who saw something and shared it with me. I will be forever grateful to them for that. May you have souls who do this for you. May you do this for others.  💟

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