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Funny story...I paint without a brush.

I use a glass eye-dropper to move acrylic ink across canvas, capturing

a joyful energy, much like your dog who's thrilled to see you. 🩵🩵

On this website you can: 

1. ORDER custom art. Whatever you love from pet portraits to bourbon, tequila, wine bottles, abstracts or florals, let's capture it on canvas. 2. You can SHOP for original art, art prints, art products. 3. You can BUY The Need-Not Artist, my new book. It's a inspiring read full of creative tips explaining how you need-not what you might think to be an artist. 4. You can LOOK AROUND and see if what I do might be of help to you in your world. If so LOVELY let's work together and if not THANK YOU for stopping by. I'm always up to something so check back in. :D

REACH OUT @508-560-9164 or email 

with any questions or comments. I'm happy to help. 

Remeber to create daily in life, in your way. Taking time to create is a valuable neurological exercise that allows your thinking mind to take a back seat while your intuition has space to speak. 

❤️ It's so good to have you here. ❤️

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Colorful painting of a happy panda

"Working with Kasha was not only productive and effective, but it was also fun. She has a warm, gregarious nature, an infectious enthusiasm for creativity and art, and a desire to help people thrive that renders working together a joy. I highly recommend her because she's the total package: a balanced blend of artful creativity, marketing and business savvy, and insider guidance."

Kim B. Taylor

colorful painting of dog in glasses
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Cute dog with happy panda painting
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