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Bigger brush. More paint.

Currently working on a very large Derby painting. 48"x 60". Bigger pieces need more time, more layers, more consideration and more communication. I am reminded once again of the saying, it's a marathon not a sprint.

There's a tendency to want to do it all now to get an idea of how it all fits together immediately. Much like when you try to hurry up a conversation because you know where it's going to end up. The trick is to allow every area, every shape, every bit of color to have my full attention. This focus allows me to see it, hear it, work with it and finish the chat before I move on, knowing I have many more layers to come to make the work "perfect".

If I had to title this awareness I'd call it Consideration. I am being considerate of what each shape offfers to the bigger picture. I am also considering what it might know and want to share with me vs. what I want to tell it to do.

Creativity requires us to be brave and bold but also yielding and open. Two sides of the same coin. Yin and yang. One is comfortable and familar and one is not so much. The play between the two helps me see how creativity is trying so speak. If I can acknowledge that and hear it completely then the magic happens.

We got this! <3


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