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She's Live!

The Need-Not Artist book is live, in print, ready for purchase, available on amazon. A bucket list dream of my mind to write a book that could point the way for others who feel the pull to be an artist but hesitate because there's so much you don't know, yet.

It's an easy, fun read that is direct and helpful. Full of tidbits I learned through the years and a smattering of art photos where I explain a little bit about the journey with that art work.

The book feels good in your hand, not too big, not too small, not too long, not too short. Nine chapters with a few checklists at the end to inspire you. I didn't want to make it super long and wordy because the goal is to nudge you to put the book down and get creating!!!! The next book will be longer with more art images explained.

Please do make the book your own. Cover it in paint, mark up the inside, bend the pages you want to remember, make it familar to you. Some day you too will write a book about what you have learned and I look forward to reading it. If it resonates with you, please leave a sweet review for others who are searching.

Definitely share photos of what you're working on and tag me on Instagram. #theneednotartist @kasharitter. Can't wait to see what your beautiful mind is inspired to do!

<3 Kasha

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