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It's all about you.

To find your way, to find your technique it's all about you. You taking time to listen. You taking time to be okay with making mistakes and messing things up in order to find your way. Only you can do this. Only you can be brave enough to screw up and see the meaning and lesson in that process.

It's helpful to think in layers. As in you have many, many layers to add to the painting to build it up, to change it up, to color it up. The first layer you lay down is just a guidleline. Just get down color in big areas and get a feel for that landscape. Every consecutive layer you add will get more detailed, more refined, your message more clear. You can add as many layers as you WANT till it feels like you want it to feel. In this way there is no fear putting down color because it's just one layer in many. YOU GOT THIS.

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